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Monuriki Island


This coral  and volcanic  island is the smallest islet and the southern-most of a small group of three islets, west of Tavua.

The people of Yanuya are the custodians of Monuriki. With the agreement of the Mataqali Navunaivi of Yank village the National Trust of Fiji wild-life experts and other representatives from BirdLife International and Nature Fiji, NTF, with colleagues from the non-government organization BirdLife International, have been restoring the habitat on Monuriki since 2011.


In a fictional setting, the Fijian island of Monuriki was the filming location for the 2000  film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, the sole survivor of a plane crash who is washed ashore on the island to endure a lonely existence of 1,500 days in absolute isolation. Since the 'Cast Away' film, Monuriki – remaining uninhabited today - has developed into a tourist attraction.    

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