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Matacawalevu Island

Matacawalevu Island Yasawa, Fiji

The origins of the name Matacawalevu are obvious when you arrive at the village - the long perfect beaches stretches out on either side and on neighbouring islands (including the island of Nanuya Levu site of the famous film "Blue Lagoon" featuring Brooke Shields). Matacawalevu is a small to medium sized - just a five minute boat ride from Nanuya Lailai. This is the last destination of the large yellow catamaran which leaves Denarau Island (Nadi) at 9.15am each day. (Nanuya Levu is better known as Turtle Island).

Your host at Matacawalevu Village is Setoki Lubua who speaks good English and is a respected member of the village's mataqali.

As mentioned earlier Matacawalevu Island is bordering several other islands including the very expensive Turtle Island Resort - where Brooke Shields of "Blue Lagoon" fame was filmed.  Matacawalevu is the only island in the Yasawa's to boast two beaches facing north and east. They are both beautiful and border lovely coral reefs where you can snorkel and explore.

Not only is the island's locality just a few hundred meters from where Brooke Shield walked along the beach but all the Fijians featured in the film still live in the village you will be staying at - check out the free activity “an evening with Cannibals” where you can meet them 40 years on!

There is Joe Naisali a lovely, larger than life character (who danced with Brooke Shields every night during the making of the film - or so he boasts), Verami Nandriva (the cannibal) and Eramasi Tui (the boogie man) who killed the cannibal in the film. Your host Setoki was featured in the film playing a lali (a traditional Fijian drum)!

There are some fantastic activities like lovely relaxing walks around Matacawalevu Island during your Fiji holidays. The fascinating island is normally off-limits to tourists and no-one but guests on village homestays are allowed to snorkel in their waters.

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