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Kaibu Island

Kaibu Island, Fiji

Kaibu is an island in  Fiji’s Lau archipelago. A 22.4 kilometer-long reef encompasses Kaibu and the neighbouring island of Yacata, from which Kaibu is separated by a Lagoon. The island, which has an area of about 2 square kilometers, is located 56 kilometers west of Vanua Balavu. Fishing, snorkeling and water sports are among the tourist attractions of the island.

The island is privately owned by James Jannard, the founder of Oakley Inc. 

When James Jannard, the billionaire founder of Oakley and RED Digital Camera  first stayed on Kaibu, an island in Fiji’s Northern Lau Group the owner was the American fiberglass mogul Jay Johnson, and his resort on the island, Kaibu, was very simple. But Jannard was drawn to the setting--a remote South Pacific island with varying shades of turquoise water--as well as the privacy and the relaxed openness of the Fijian people. So he had scouts keep an eye out for any nearby islands that came up for sale. Then, in late 2009, artist Hiro Yamagata  listed Kaibu and neighboring Vatuvara, so Jannard bought both with the plan to build another, more luxurious resort. Named Vatuvara although technically situated on Kaibu--Jannard's dream property.

The islands small airstrip that is the entry point via the resort's Twin Otter, which ferries guests in from the international airport in Nadi. The island's 800 acres were landscaped, and roads were built--although on a hilly island, those roads require a four-wheel-drive vehicle and steady nerves.

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